Lead-free Powerelements: LF Powerelements

LF Powerelements - Lead-free High Current Contacts from Würth Elektronik ICS

Lead-free Powerelements
Powerelement for automotive industrie

For industries full of power.

Solutions for the transmission of high currents – for e-mobility, automotive, drive technology, renewable energies and many other applications.
IATF 16949 certified.

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Powerelement product overview

The right solution for a wide range of applications!

Here you can find an overview of the largest portfolio of Powerelements on the market.

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Our product groups

Powerelements · High Current Contacts · Power Supply Terminals – Three terms, one meaning!
Powerelements of Würth Elektronik ICS are robust, safe and reliable connection and mounting elements for the supply and distribution of high currents (up to 1000 amperes) to the PCB.

Our Powerelements can be used in many different ways, for example in sectors such as:

  • Automotive
  • Industry
  • E-Mobility
  • Renewable Energies

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LF Powerelements

  • LF PowerOne SMD

    Lead-free Powerelements for SMT assembly, simple soldering, flexibly configurable

  • LF PowerOne

    Lead-free, one-piece Powerelements, flexibly configurable

  • LF PowerTwo

    Lead-free, two-piece Powerelements, patented solution, flexibly configurable

  • LF PowerRadSok

    Lead-free plug-in connections with the proven RadSok system

  • LF PowerPlus

    Lead-free High Current Contacts with maximum torque

  • LF PowerBasket

    Pluggable Power Supply Terminals, universally applicable

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Original Powerelements

  • PowerOne THT

    One-piece Powerelements, THT design, flexibly configurable

  • PowerOne THR

    One-piece Powerelements, THR design, flexibly configurable

  • PowerOne

    One-piece Powerelements, millions of successful applications, flexibly configurable

  • PowerTwo

    Two-piece Powerelements, patented solution, flexibly configurable

  • PowerOne SMD

    Powerelements for SMT assembly, simple soldering, flexibly configurable

  • PowerLamella

    Pluggable High Current Contacts for a safe connection

  • PowerRadSok

    Plug-in connections with the proven RadSok system

  • PowerFlex

    Clamp elements and flat connectors, optional with Faston contacts

  • PowerCover

    Solutions for reliable twist and contact protection

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