LF Powerelements

As the inventor of Original Powerelements, we say: ‘let it be lead-free!’ – and as such we have launched our range of LF Powerelements,- the first lead-free High Current Contacts on the market.
Never before have there been so many good reasons for this new development as there are today.

Being lead-free is more important than ever before

Primarily within the automotive and electronics industries, the issue of lead-free is finding itself increasingly in the spotlight. Many companies nevertheless still use parts and components that contain lead – sometimes unbeknownst to them. While these are currently RoHS compliant or comply with the German End-of-Life Vehicle Ordinance, this may change in the future.

The reason for this, among others, is exemption 6c in Annex III of the RoHS Directive, which permits copper alloys with a mass content of up to 4% lead. This and other exemptions actually expired for categories 1 to 7 and 10, and partially for categories 8 and 9, on July 21, 2021. However, a number of applications for renewal of the exemptions were submitted on time. As a result, the existing exemptions remain valid until the EU Commission has decided on these applications. If the EU Commission rejects the applications, a transitional phase of 12 to 18 months will take place. After this transition period, electrical and electronic equipment exceeding the limit of 0.1% lead may no longer be sold in Europe. According to experts, there will be no decision before the beginning of 2022.

The current status of a possible extension to this exemption can be found here.

Let’s create a lead-free future together. Our new LF Powerelements mean:

  • REACH and RoHS compliance without having to rely on temporary exemptions
  • You are equipped for the future because making the transition to lead-free increases reliability, even for long series production runs
  • An advantage on the market since OEMs from various industries are already demanding lead-free solutions and are successfully using LF Powerelements
  • Sustainability by opting for a more environmentally friendly solution

Design-in of LF Powerelements – your benefits at a glance

If you are looking to ensuring tomorrow’s success today, be sure to plan for it. With the design-in of WE ICS lead-free Powerelements, you are on the safe side – and can look calmly towards a successful future by:

  • Avoiding laborious re-qualification processes
  • Ensuring process reliability for new developments
  • Satisfying future legal specifications and requirements today
  • Fulfilling the requirements of OEMs that are already demanding lead-free products
  • Keeping a step ahead of the status quo and your competitors.

Say goodbye to “times of trouble” and say hello to a lead-free and worry-free future with the inventor of Original Powerelements.

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The Inspiration for the new generation

Lead-free, future-proofed and sustainable: LF Powerelements are based on Original Powerelements that have been successfully produced and distributed by Würth Elektronik ICS for over 35 years. A new standard portfolio has been developed for the LF product line which :

  • Includes all known standard designs and connection solutions
  • Lets you choose between press-fit technology and SMT/soldering assembly

Our specialists are also capable of designing, manufacturing and offering a lead-free versions of every high-current contact product on the market that contains lead. Be it the automotive, electronics, industrial or commercial vehicle sector - together with our experts we will guide you along the way towards a lead-free future - no matter whether you choose standard products or opt for a specially-tailored solution.

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The same, just lead-free

Our new generation of Powerelements combine the characteristics of Original Powerelement with a better environmental footprint by eliminating substances of concern.

Meticulous month-long tests, combined with optimized Würth Elektronik ICS manufacturing processes demonstrate that LF Powerelements are just as good as the tried-and-tested originals. This applies to the mechanical and electrical properties as well as the processing of lead-free materials in the manufacturing process.

Would you like to learn more about the electrical and mechanical tests that are carried out? Get in touch with us!