FAQ: Frequently asked questions

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.


  • How can I get support with questions?

    We are happy to answer your questions personally - you can reach us easily via the chat ( Button bottom right ), by e-mail, contact form or hotline. Let us advise you!
    Our Powerelement team can be reached directly during normal business hours.
    Our business hours are from Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm CET and Friday from 8 am to 4 pm CET.

  • Why can I not see prices and CAD data?

    Registered users have their own personal access data. Please register and log in. Then you can use all advantages of the shop:
    Pricing, placing orders, requesting free samples, downloading CAD data, personal contact persons, requesting project prices and access to the personal customer dashboard.

  • What are the advantages of a registration?

    A registration offers many advantages:

    download of technical data incl. CAD data

    free sample service


    project price request

    placing orders

    personal contact persons

    personal customer dashboard

    coming soon: credit card payment


  • How can I create an offer on my own?

    As a registered user, you can create your own quotation at any time. Simply log in, place the desired items in your shopping cart, enter a project/order number and then select the option "Create offer" instead of "Checkout". Select the shipping method and the country you want to ship to. Now you can save the offer in PDF format.

  • Can I convert an offer directly into a purchase order?

    Your quotations will be saved in your personal customer dashboard for 4 weeks. During this time, you can download the offer again or convert it into a purchase order. Simply select the quotation in your personal area and add it into the shopping cart. The checkout process that follows is unchanged.

  • How long are the prices in a quotation valid?

    The validity of the prices in the quotation is usually 4 weeks, thus as long as your quotation is saved. If it is a call-off order, the price is fixed for the maximum period of one year.

  • Why is the price fixed for one year only for call-off orders?

    In the case of a call-off order, we enter the entire quantity into production when the order is placed. You specify how you want to order the finished goods within this period.

Purchase Order

  • What is the procedure for a purchase order?

    After you have completed your purchase order, you will automatically receive a confirmation of receipt of order by email. In this confirmation, all your order details will be summarized. After reviewing the feasibility of the order and availability of goods, you will receive a binding order confirmation from us via email. Otherwise, we will contact you.

  • Can I get free samples?

    As a registered user you can request free samples. If the quantities and/or frequency of sample orders are within the usual range, we will be happy to send you samples free of charge.

  • In case of call-off orders, will I receive an invoice in advance or for each delivery?

    For call orders, all of the goods will be produced for inventory and you will be obligated to purchase them. However, you will receive the invoice for each call upon receipt of the goods.

  • What changes can I make after the call orders have been submitted?

    In the case of call-off orders, you can change the quantities and delivery dates of the calls that have not been completed within the course of one year. The entire quantity or the term cannot be changed.


  • Do you also ship to other countries?

    Of course, we accept purchase orders from other countries. Please note that customs formalities may take additional time for deliveries outside Europe.

  • What kind of shipping options are available?

    Depending on country of destination, you can choose between express and standard shipping.

  • Are shipping costs due for every delivery of a call-off order?

    Shipping costs are invoiced for every delivery.


  • Who can register?

    Employees of institutions or government offices and corporate customers can register with us.

  • How do I get my access data?

    After your registration, we will check your data personally. A manual check is carried out to prevent misuse and to ensure high data quality. After the verification you will receive your access data as soon as possible by e-mail.

Payment Options

  • What payment options are available?

    We deliver as usual on account. The possibility of credit card payment will come soon.