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FAQ: Frequently asked questions


How can I get support if I have questions?

Contact us anytime. Our shop team can be reached directly during normal business hours. You can also send an email or leave a message for us to call you back. We will return your call promptly.

To the contact data.

Why can't I see any prices?

Registered users have their own personal access data. Please log on, then you can take advantage of everything the shop offers: pricing, placing orders, requesting samples, downloading CAD data and access to your personal area.


Wie kann ich ein Angebot selbst erstellen?

As registered user you can submit your own quotation at any time. Simply log on, place the articles you want in your shopping cart, assign a project name and then use the "Submit quotation" option in the shopping cart instead of the "Checkout" option. Select the delivery method and the country to which the items are to be sent. You can now save the quotation in PDF format.

Can I convert a quotation directly into a purchase order?

Your quotations will be saved for 4 weeks in your personal area. During this time you can again download the quotation or convert it into a purchase order. Simply select the quotation in your personal area and put it "into the shopping cart." The check-out process that follows remains unchanged.

How long are the prices in a quotation valid?

The validity of the prices is described in the quotation and is generally 4 weeks, thus as long as your quotation remains saved.

If it is a call order, the price is set for the maximum period of one year.

Why is the price set for one year only for call orders?

In the case of a call order, we send the entire quantity into production when the order is placed. You specify how you want to have the finished goods delivered during this time.

Purchase orders

What is the procedure used for a purchase order?

After you have submitted your purchase order, an order confirmation will automatically be sent to you with a summary of that information. After reviewing the feasibility of the order and availability of goods, you will receive a binding order confirmation from us via email; otherwise, we will contact you.

Can I get free samples?

As a registered user you can request free samples. If the quantities and/or frequency of orders placed for the samples are reasonable we will be glad to send you the samples free of charge.

In case of call orders, will I receive an invoice in advance or for each delivery?

For call orders, all of the goods will be produced for inventory and you will be obligated to purchase them, but you will receive the invoice for each call upon receipt of the goods.

What changes can I make after the call orders have been submitted?

With call orders you can change the quantities and delivery dates of the calls that have not yet been completed within the course of one year. The entire quantity or the term cannot be changed.


Can you ship to other countries?

We gladly accept purchase orders from other countries. Please note that customs formalities for deliveries outside Europe may require additional time.

What kind of shipping options are available?

Depending on country of destination you can choose between express and standard shipping.

Are shipping costs due for every delivery of a call order?

Shipping costs are invoiced for every delivery.


Who can register?

Employees of institutions, government offices and corporate clients can register with us.

How do I receive my access data?

After you register we will define your access data. You will receive them from us as quickly as possible by email.

Payment options

What kinds of payment options are available?

You can pay by credit card using Visa or MasterCard, or as usual by invoice.

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