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LF PowerPlus

Lead-free High Current Contacts with maximum torque

Powerelement LF PowerPlus

LF PowerPlus 2.0

Lead-free Powerelements with maximum torque

LF PowerPlus 2.0 is the new generation of the successful LF PowerPlus High Current Contacts from the inventor of Powerelements, Würth Elektronik ICS. As all LF Powerelements, they do not contain lead and are therefore RoHS compliant, even without the exemption 6c of the RoHS Directive. They consist of a brass base body and a stainless steel screw element. Therefore, they are a lightweight solution offering maximum torque. The special design of the base body allows the Powerelements to be fitted in the same position on both sides. Depending on the layout, currents of up to 400 amperes are possible. That is the reason why Power Supply Terminals perfectly qualify as connecting elements for fuses and cables to the circuit board or as mounting elements whenever a high torque is required.

Well-proven quality, new advantages in assembly

The new LF PowerPlus 2.0 series offers the same mechanical and electrical qualities as its predecessor, but is significantly easier to process:

  • The new screw tip facilitates easier insertion and positioning of the nut, making automatic screwing effortless
  • The pin or nut is now firmly attached to the element, which increases stability and further facilitates automatic screwing
  • The new pin arrangement (symmetrical instead of asymmetrical) facilitates processing
  • An improved pin design reduces the required press-in forces
  • Special press-in tools are no longer required

Switching from the old to the new system is simple: The elements are compatible with the old generation regarding hole pattern and height. LF PowerPlus 1.0 can therefore be easily replaced by LF PowerPlus 2.0. Torque and current carrying capacity also remain the same.

Varied application possibilities

  • Board-to-Board connections
  • Wire-to-Board for screw connection of ring cable lugs
  • Holder/fastening of switches, fuses
  • For fastening with high torques

Cost efficient due to efficient press-fit technology

LF PowerPlus 2.0 Powerelements are pressed-in into the PCB. Soldering is not necessary. Therefore, the PCBs are not exposed to temperature stress. This processing step easily fits in to the processing chain and is highly cost efficient. With the aid of the corresponding press-fit tools, several Powerelements can be pressed-in simultaneously.

Processing instructions

  • For assembling prototypes, no special equipment is needed for pressing in, a simple toggle press is sufficient
  • The printed circuit board must be supported during the press-fit process
  • The pressing force must be executed in a 90°angle to the PCB
  • Plated through holes of the PCB must be executed according to our specifications
  • Only for use with suitable press-fit tools
  • In case of double-sided application, the smallest Powerelement must be pressed-in first

Circuit Board Design

For the massive press-fit technology the PCBs are to be finished according to the Würth Elektronik ICS Press-Fit Specification. Particular attention should be paid to the drill diameter and the copper thickness. Due to the different layer thicknesses of Hot Air Levelling compared to chemical surfaces, the final diameters vary.

Maximum torque with LF PowerPlus 2.0 Powerelements

The torques indicated in the table are based on DIN 267 part 25.Different material combinations or different thread lengths of the connectors are not regarded here.

Torque for stainless steel

Thread M 5 M 6 M 8
(Nm) 3.9 5.9 16.0

Currents up to 400 amperes are possible with LF PowerPlus 2.0

The current carrying capacity of a press-fit connection needs to be seen in the context of the overall system. The press-fit zone has a very low electrical contact resistance of 100 – 200 μOhm. The limiting factor therefore usually lies in the circuit board layout or in the connection of a feed line.


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