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Plug-in connections with the proven RadSok system

Powerelement PowerRadSok


Pluggable High Current Contacts

PowerRadSok Powerelements are the pluggable High Current Contacts from Würth Elektronik ICS. The contact blades were developed by Amphenol. Reduce the assembly time of your service engineers or the efforts of your customers. Simply plug in, no screwing, done! Depending on the layout, currents of up to 400 amperes are possible.

All PowerRadSok Powerelements are RoHS & REACH

Maintenance-friendly applications

  • Board-to-board
  • Wire-to-board
  • Retainers/fastenings, fuses
  • Easy to maintain connections through plugging instead of screwing
  • In combination with PowerLamella

Cost-effective processing due to efficient press-fit technology

Würth Elektronik ICS PowerRadSok Powerelements are pressed in into the circuit board. Soldering is not necessary, temperature stress does not occur in the first place. This manufacturing step easily fits in to the process chain and is highly cost efficient. With the aid of the corresponding tools, several Powerelements can be pressed in simultaneously.

Processing information

  • For assembling prototypes, no special equipment is needed for pressing in, a simple toggle press is sufficient
  • The circuit board needs support during the pressing procedure
  • The pressing force must be executed in a 90° angle to the circuit board
  • Plated through holes of the circuit board must be executed according to our indications
  • PowerRadSok Powerelements are constructed to be pressed into the circuit board. Soldering is not provided
  • Cable shoes must be processed with adequate crimping tools

Circuit Board Design

For the solid press-fit technology the PCBs are to be finished according to the Würth Elektronik ICS Press Fit specifications (see product details). Particular attention should be paid to the drill diameter and the copper thickness. Due to the different layer thicknesses of Hot Air Levelling compared to chemical surfaces, the final diameters vary.

Currents up to 400 amperes

The current carrying capacity of a press-fit connection must always be considered in the context of the overall system. The press-fit zone has a very low electrical contact resistance of 100–200 μOhm. The limiting factor therefore usually lies in the circuit board layout or in the connection of a feed line. The plug-in elements have an electrical contact resistance of 0.2 mOhm at Ø 3.6 mm, 0.095 mOhm at Ø 6.0 mm, 0.075 mOhm Ø 8.0 mm, 0.075mOhm at Ø 10.3 mm and 0.028 mOhm at Ø 14.0 mm.


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