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PowerOne SMD

Powerelemente in SMT einfach auflöten, konfigurierbar

PowerOne SMD


PowerOne SMD high current terminals are the result of the consequent advancement of our products in our customer’s interest. The Power Elements are processable in the common SMT lines and are soldered in the infrared oven or with the vapor-phase system. Depending on the layout, currents of up to 300 ampere are possible. That is the reason why Power Elements perfectly qualify as connecting elements for fuses and cables to the circuit board or as mounting element.

Application Possibilities

  • Board-to-board
  • Wire-to-board screw connection of ring terminals
  • Retainers/fastening fuses
  • For mounting


Würth Elektronik PowerPlus SMD Power Elements are soldered onto the circuit board which easily fits in to the processing chain of an SMT line. Due to the heat absorption of the component mass, individual tests are necessary for defining the parameters.

Circuit Board Design

The circuit boards should be manufactured according to the valid IPC A 600. Footprint indications are available.


The torques indicated in the table are based on DIN 267 part 25 and on IPC TM 650 regarding the adhesive strength of copper foil on FR4. Different material combinations or different thread lengths of the connectors are not regarded here.

Torque values
Thread size M3 M 4 M 5 M 6 M 8
(Nm) 0,5 1,2 2,2 3,9 9,0

Vibration Test / Mechanical Shock Test:

PowerOne SMD high current power terminals have passed the vibration testing and mechanical shock testing accourding to ISO 16750-3 successfully.

Vibration test according ISO 16750-3:2012 Random Test VII.

Mechanical shock test according to ISO 16750-3:2012 Severity 2.

Current Carrying Capacity

The current carrying capacity needs to be seen in the context of the overall system. Our measurements have shown that the limiting factor usually lies in the PCB layout or in the connection of feed lines.

Data sheet-Download

In the product data sheet you will find all the information about PowerOne SMD in PDF format.